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Gambling, the wagering or betting of something of worth, usually with the expectation and belief of reward, upon the performance of a certain sport, game, or event, against the result of an unanticipated occurrence or chance or have an unforeseen outcome due to the carelessness or neglect of the wager or player; in its broadest sense it includes some gaming of chance, including sports gambling. Many individuals believe Poker to be a kind of gambling due to the element of chance involved. The vast majority of states have legalized gambling but many illegal variations still exist. The laws are similar for both gaming and for sports gambling. Gambling as a business has existed since the beginnings of recorded history. The first Greek agoras, the oldest written válido texts, lists gaming as one of the games and also appears to condemn it as a kind of theft. The earliest definition of gaming was provided from the Roman poet Ovid, who composed in the third century B. The origins of modern-day gambling are to be found in ancient Greece. The wordbet comes from the Greek gametikos, which means playing a leap or toss.

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