Brazilian tourism companies should promote a great debate to legalize casinos

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B enjamin Prime is a popular steakhouse located between Park and Madison, two of the most famous avenues in New York. Chestnut-brown leather sofas, white linen tablecloths, and walls styled in wainscoting create a cozy decor suggestive of long conversations. Martins had been one of the most influential directors of Vale, the third largest mining company in the world, for ten years, between and He had scheduled dinner with Alexander Miller, an executive at Mersus Energy, an American company that was interested in doing business in South America. Martins was excited about the meeting. A few years out of the market, the economist had been probed by Mersus for an especially attractive job: a consultancy on a mining project in Peru, for which he would receive 10 million dollars. Mersus executives wanted an in-person conversation with Martins before closing the deal, and they wooed the consultant generously.

The Billionaire behind the Vale

The falls are made up of waterfalls, with some reaching 90 meters high, and can be visited by both sides of the border. The most famous, called the Devil's Throat, is on the Argentine side of the park. To see the falls in a different way, you can take a helicopter ride. The experience lasts only 10 minutes but it is enough to be memorable. There is also an option of a 35 minute ride, which flies over the Iguazu Falls, the Itaipu power plant, the center of Foz do Iguaçu and the Three Borders monument.

Art Gallery Attractions In State of Rio de Janeiro

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