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Somebody told me money rules the world, I know you heard that shit Money the root to all evil, blessings and murder shit I slaved away for ten hours a day at work and just finally got my check But the ATM isn't working, shit Oh, there it go oh oh oh oh oh damn, it's hot as hell Punched in a pin code and grabbed a hundred dollar bill I snatched it up and went back to my wheels Hit up the plug and said: I know you got some bud, I need that with some pills Meet me outside the gas station on Park Ave, I'll be waiting Then put the cash in the glove compartment as I sat waiting Damn, yo where's this nigga at? Bout to light a cigarette while I- oh, there he go Opened up the glove compartment, told em to light this Come around and drive inside and act normal like we ain't making a transaction Take that what up, what up? I dapped him up and got to sliding He crinkled it up, walked off then put it in his pocket Off to the strip club with some drinks and some orders He pull that hundred out his pocket, uncrinkled the corners Stageside, watching this one bitch shaking and twirling Busted it open all exotic and maybe she's foreign She making eye contact, she got on eye contacts She sees that Benjamin Frank, she keep her eyes on that She's thinking: I want that, he takes a sip from his glass She bend over, he slaps her ass and puts some ones in her crack He whispered in her ear: How long are you here? Tell me you single Oh, you got a man? Fuck, I don't care, tell him I'm queer Save my name as Susan in your contacts, hm And fuck your relationship, I ain't worried about that, heheh Can I use that red marker, sir?

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Uma tragédia à tarde: Mesmo às Ficaram, inclusive, devendo meses de aluguel onde moravam. Ela é a esposa daquele narigudo'. Ficam aqui, menos o JOSÉ, que vai trabalhar. Quando ela voltou, ficou surpresa. P Samuel Klein e Steve Jobs investiram nas carências. Passou depois bigote SBT e, emchegou à Globo.

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Mas nem por isso precisamos guardar-se tão tempo para identificar onde estamos errando. Logo, a longo termo isso pode portar você à falência. Portanto, foque sempre em apalpar os resultados das suas apostas da formato restante racionável possível. Isto é, identificando as situações específicas onde algo realmente imprevisível ocorreu e mudou o rumo de uma partida.

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